It doesn’t matter if you can only spare an hour of your time or want to make a donation. If you’re the sort of kind soul who would like to help then this is the page for you. We appreciate every single gesture. If you’d like to make a donation of food, clothing, or your time then please use the contact form below.

Monetary aid is also appreciated and can be given via the PayPal link below

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Help us support: Single people or families, employed or not, housed or not. Everyone is welcome. No questions asked.

Whilst we are grateful for any and all donations, below is a list of our most needed foods stuffs.

  1. Tinned tomatoes
  2. Tomato puree
  3. Dried herbs and spices
  4. Pasta
  5. Rice
  6. Bread of any kind (if freezable)
  7. Tinned beans, chickpeas, or lentils
  8. Dried lentils 
  9. Tinned baked beans
  10. Stock cubes
  11. Coconut milk
  12. Cooking oil
  13. Sausages (if freezable)
  14. Minced beef (if freezable)
  15. Chicken (if freezable)
  16. Salt
  17. Pepper
  18. Potatoes
  19. Onions
  20. Garlic
  21. Chocolate bars.