Food is a human right, no exceptions.

George Broughton

George Broughton


George Broughton general description, why he started this etc etc.

“Kristi, insert a quote here”

– Kristi Grace Jane Dowker

Kristi Grace Jane Dowker

Veterinary nurse

Kristi description blah blah blah

Kristine, insert a quote here”

– Kristine Broughton

Kristine Broughton

Works a CWA, not sure on job title

Havent spoke to properly in years, but from all things considered all in all, a really good person, (i dont have a picture for you so kristis is here to keep the formatting)

I’m glad I can be a part of bringing people together”

Aleksandra Duda-Szelag

Aleksandra Duda-Szelag

Student/Stay at home mum

Hi! I’m Aleks and here is my husband and my super cute daughter. I’m a very busy mum and a student and now one of the trustees at Feed Fenland. I’ve hopped onto the project just to see what it’s all about, but quickly got involved with doing serves and cooking some food. Well, my whole little family did, with my husband helping me peel potatoes and Lilly helping to entertain at the serves.
Food is such an essential part of our lives not just because it keeps us alive but because it brings us together. I’m glad I can be a part of bringing people together over a hot hearty meal.